Kristopher James Kent is a freelance science writer from the United Kingdom whose content appears in top-tier science journals and the magazines of international academia. With an education in medical and pharmacological sciences and a five-year career covering stories across a broad range of physical and life sciences, he is well-versed in producing content for science media. 

The main focus of Kris’ writings has been to disseminate bleeding-edge scientific discoveries to the greater science-interested public, by breaking down newly published research papers into accessible and interesting articles. He has a portfolio of journalistic pieces in prestigious magazines such as Nature and Nature Middle East, and has written on a diverse range of topics including new medical treatments, climate change, spaceflight research, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kris also ghost-writes captivating content marketing pieces for academia, helping to boost the reach of an institutions’ research and their interactions with the science community. He has written for private and governmental organizations around the world, including in the UK, Japan, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.